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The early 2000s was a period of great opportunities for Pangasius, with worldwide acceptance from Japan in the east to the US in the west. Truong Giang, along with other pioneers of the industry, rushed to capture this promising market with the opening of its first factory in Sa Dec – a small town in the southern region of Viet Nam.

Throughout the years, the company has seen numerous ups and downs in the market, with tremendous changes taking place every few years. In the time of hardship, the combined effort of each and every individual in the company has guided us forward amidst a sea of turbulence and uncertainty.

Today, we have established ourselves as one of the top producers of Pangasius in Viet Nam. Our success stems from our determination, passion and commitment to quality which our stakeholders highly appreciate.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To be an excellent seafood brand, recognizable by all around the world.

Our Vision

To contribute to the betterment of the world by providing delicious, sustainable and healthy seafood.

Core Values