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Pangasius Skinless Fillet

Boneless, Skinless, Well-trimmed

Pangasius Skin-on Fillet

Boneless, Skin-on, Belly-off

Whole Pangasius

Headed, Gutted, Tailed

Pangasius Portion

Boneless, Skinless, Well-trimmed

Pangasius Text


Pangasius Butterfly




A Product of Endless Possibilities

Pangasius is a very flexible fish. Mixing and matching pangasius with the local ingredients, herbs, spices and veggies and you end up with a unique dish of your own culture. Anything, from the finest of class of the French cuisine, the fresh and hearty hotpot of Chinese cuisine to the sophisticated elegance of Japanese cuisine, is possible with pangasius – it is truly a food of endless possibilities.
Throughout the years, Truong Giang has established itself as a reputable producer of the pangasius fillet product; but our quest doesn’t end here. We believe the potential of pangasius is better realized in the form of value-added products with plenty of variety – which fit perfectly in this age of instant gratification and convenience.
The demand for having delicious food delivered straight to the hand of consumer is gradually growing in markets everywhere. We believe this is the future of the industry and are preparing ourselves to brave this new frontier, brimming with challenges to overcome and rewards to reap. As the saying goes, “The new frontier lies not beyond the planets but within each one of us.”